Duke St Compound phase 2

About this property

This has been a very unique project.  In order to unlock this properties full potential we had to get creative.

The existing houses were 2 unit dwellings that were split horizontally. They needed updates and we identified the opportunity of creating an additional lot on the side yard if we could remove the walkout entrance to the basement unit.  Because of this we decided to embark on a major renovation project which involved splitting the units vertically, in the 100 year old house, and completely re-designing the interior.

With this completed we are now free to create our additional lot where we will be adding a 3-unit home.

On top of this new triplex and the major renovations in the existing home, we also built Durham Region’s first coach houses in the backyards of the existing properties.  This project, once completed, will more than double the amount of units on the property from four to nine.