Scugog Conversion and Coach house

About this property

Properties with problems are often where you can find the best opportunities.  We were approached, by an investor, to purchase a triplex in extremely poor condition with none of the existing tenants paying rent to the current landlord.  With the existing layout, two of the three units barely had a space you could call a bedroom and one of the tenants was sleeping in an unfinished leaky basement because of the units size constraints and poorly designed layout. 

After many hours, and going through multiple proformas, we were able to determine that turning the non-functioning triplex into a duplex with large functional units and adding a garden suite in the backyard was the best use of the property.

This property will have large, well designed living spaces making it one of the highest grossing 3 unit properties in Durham Region, once completed.  This property has been a great learning experience for our in house team.  Being over a century old, with multiple additions we had to make significant structural changes to this building as we embarked on this project.  This project was one of the most complex renovation projects the head building inspector in Clarington had seen in his career.  This had him bringing in new building inspectors onto our site in order to train them for what to look for and what solutions worked for many challenging scenarios.  Having our own employees learn how to solve all these problems on this project helped them grow their skillsets immensely.  This will allow us to continue to take on challenging projects with ease.