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Our Story

Daniel Hogenbirk and James (Bill) Savage own a group of companies that work synergistically with one another in the Real Estate and Construction Industry.  Daniel and Bill purchased their first company in 2018 and through seeking continual improvement and by adding seasoned professionals and experienced coaches to their team, they have been able to consistently improve, pivot, and expand their business.  

Bill and Daniel have been investing in Real Estate since 2018 with a focus on strategic purchases and challenging ‘outside the box’ properties, which allowed them to grow rapidly.  Since the start of their investment journey they have purchased 17 properties, 2 of which were put back on the market, and 15 have been kept as buy and holds.

Why We Invest In The GTA

“According to Statistics Canada’s projections, our country could have 48.8-million people by 2050.  And that’s the agency’s “medium” growth projection; under a high-growth scenario, there could soon be 56-million Canadians.

Nearly all of these future residents are going to live in this country’s handful of big cities.  This means millions of
new urban dwellers – and millions of new commuters.

Canada’s population 2020 = 38.8m”

why we invest in durham

The Regional Municipality of Durham is one of the fastest growing regions in the world.
The population increased by more than 6% between 2011 and 2016.  At the end of 2016, there were about 673,000 people living in the region.  Our population is expected to grow to 1.3 million by 2051.

What we offer

 There are multiple ways that you can work with us depending on your situation and goals.  Partner with us on a project we have on the go!  We offer competitive advantages to our partners as we negotiate on the terms.  You can also hire us to do your project for you.  Our expert teams have years of experience in project management, construction, and more that will meet and exceed your expectations. 

Our Team

Both Daniel and Bill have strong construction backgrounds having led their own construction crews for many years.  As a Management  team, they compliment each other well.  Daniel is a great creative problem solver and continuous learner, allowing the company to perform well when taking on new challenges.  Bill is a great people manager and has an eye for details, keeping everyone on task, and everything together.

Get to know me more

Get to know me more


It was with great joy that Daniel and Bill purchased Birk’s Landscaping from my wife and myself several years ago. They have been involved with the business for many years and have seen the ups and downs that ownership brings. I am very pleased to see how well they are doing and the skills and integrity which is being displayed. Laura and I have invested with them for a number of years now and feel very comfortable doing so and confident in their skills
Peter & Laura Hogenbirk
Previous owners of Birk’s landscaping, Capital Investors
Daniel and Bill have been coaching clients of mine over the last year and a half. They were looking to change the direction of there business and do more real estate. I’ve seen them move closer to this goal, complete successful projects and have shown them how to be successful on taking on bigger projects. These guys are on the path to do some truly great things.
Ryan Carr
Owner R.W. Carr investment Co, HGTV Host
I’ve had the incredible pleasure to work with Dan and Bill for almost 4 years now as a realtor. Bill and Dan have grown immensely from purchasing small residential rental properties, to purchasing residential homes to convert into 2 or more rental units and now to the point of building units from the ground up. Bill and Dan work hard and with integrity. They have a keen ability to solve problems to create profitable investments. Through their problem-solving abilities and their vision for what something can become, they are able to take action where others may not. They are able to realize results that others wouldn’t even consider possible. I have the utmost confidence they will do many even more amazing projects in the future.
Anita Bongers-Lewis
Real Estate Investor & Owner of Doors to Wealth Real Estate Brokerage