How We Did With Our Coach House Variances in Oshawa

I hope you have been able to get out and enjoy your summer!

We had an important week last week in our business. We had a committee of adjustment meetings for one of our severances and a client’s coach house in Oshawa. We had community resistance at both meetings, one file lasting nearly an hour. However, we got approvals for both projects in the end!

How did the city respond to the coach house?

I wasn’t certain what response I would get with my proposal as I believe we are the first going through the process in Oshawa. The By-Law for detached accessory units is brand new, asking for changes on the first one I certainly felt could see some resistance.

I took the stance that without minor changes to the By-law very few coach houses would be built, as the By-law makes it very difficult to create units that make economic sense. Without the economics being able to work, they wouldn’t see the gentle intensification in neighborhoods that both the municipality and province want. I was happy to see that my comments were well received by the city.

My goal in the presentation was to point out that with minor changes the by-law could make sense. I don’t think we will see these changes for sometime, however I would hope that the seed has been planted for changes to come into effect over the coming years.

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