More Changes Coming To Oshawa!

More Changes Coming
To Oshawa!

As we mentioned in our first webinar, Oshawa has recently proposed changes to there By-laws, expected to be in effect later this year. The biggest change came with adopting the provincial mandate to allow 3-units on residential lots. However these were not the only proposed changes that we should take note.

Oshawa has also proposed changes to its By-laws in regard to small apartment buildings. They have realized zoning regulations in their current form make it challenging for property owners to develop small apartment buildings (i.e. 3 to 6 apartment units) in areas where they are permitted.

They are proposing that a new R5-C (Residential) Zone be created that would permit these small apartment buildings. The plan is to add specific definitions to their by-law for each of these smaller buildings along with new zoning requirements to make it easier to facilitate approvals.

Why does this matter? Where is the opportunity!

Why does this matter?
With these changes and the allowance of 3 units on standard residential lots we are getting a lot of options to add the missing middle housing that has been missing in Ontario for so long.

Where is the opportunity?
These changes are coming at a time when the provincial government is mandating changes to developments. Developments now under ten units no longer require site plan control. They are also looking at reducing development charges that developers have to pay for their projects.

Put together. We have new specific zoning, easier and faster approvals for projects this size and reduced development costs. We see this space being full of opportunity!

These are the proposed changes!

We will be going over the steps for the submission of a 3rd unit on a residential lot on our next webinar. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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